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West Guilford Post Office

by Annie, Christian, & Savanah

This picture is of the West Guilford Post Office. The post-office is made out of wooden Clapboards for the siding. The building has a sign that looks like it says “P. O” in front to the left side. There are four windows in front of the house, there is also four windows visible on the left side. There is a brick chimney on the top of the house. The chimney looks like it is falling apart or something is growing up it. There is a big door in the front. In front of the building there are some bushes and vines and some of them are growing up the windows. There is a sand walkway or driveway in front of the post office. There also appears that there is a clothesline from the attached shed and to the post office. There is a mountain in the background. There happens to appear that the season is summer. There is a big steep hill behind the attached shed. There is a slate pile to the left of the attached shed. There is also a hill in the back of the shed and it appears the hill is all cleared out.