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Bonnyvale Road

Bonnyvale Road in 1907

In this 1907 post-card image of Bonnyvale Rd., Guilford, VT, there appear to be two buildings. The closest building on the right hand side of the photo has two visible windows and possibly two doors. The farther building is down the pebbly dirt road on the left hand side, with possibly a fence and building. There is also a fence in the making on the left hand side, further down the road.

The post-card itself is slightly aged and yellow; it also has a postmark on it in the upper left hand corner. On the right side is printed “Bonnyvale Road, Brattleboro, VT.” Written on the post-card in directly below the printing is elegant, cursive writing: “Hope to see you back soon…D.L.B.” On the back the post-card is addressed to Miss Maud (?) Clark, Brattleboro, VT. The card also has a one cent Jefferson in the right hand corner.