Seeking a full-time road crew member

The Town of Guilford is currently seeking a full-time road crew member. A job description and employment application are attached below. If you have any questions about the position, please contact the Road Commissioner/Road Foreman, Dan Zumbruski on 802.254.2755.



Summary of Duties and Responsibilities:

Each Highway Crew Member for the Town of Guilford is primarily responsible for the maintenance and repair of the Town Highway system and associated equipment, and secondarily responsible for other tasks as described below. Under the direction of the Road Foreman, the crew members operate the equipment and provide the labor to maintain and repair the Town facilities including, but not limited to: highway grading, trucking, snow plowing, salting and sanding highways, brush clearing, road repair, light building and facility maintenance and other associated tasks as required.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

● Safely operate Town highway maintenance equipment, including but not limited to: pickup trucks, dump trucks, bucket loader, road grader, backhoe, tractors with and without various attachments including mowers and wood-chippers, and other equipment required for the maintenance of Town highways.
● Safely operate various hand machinery such as chain saws, weed or brush trimmers, culvert
thawers, mowers and welders. Also uses shovels, picks, rakes and other hand-operated
equipment necessary for highway maintenance.
● During the winter months the duties chiefly require snow plowing, snow removal, road
sanding, salting, patching, and culvert thawing. These duties generally occur at irregular
times and hours.
● During Spring, Summer and Fall duties include repair of gravel as well as asphalt roads,
culvert installation, hauling of materials and supplies, hauling or moving equipment,
cleaning ditches and culverts, installing new guard posts, rails and road and traffic signs,
cutting brush, mowing, and other tasks associated with the maintenance and repair of the
Town highways. The duties include major repair, rebuilding, construction, grading and
regrading of gravel roads, repair and patching of asphalt roads.
● Highway Crew Members are responsible for the general maintenance of the Town Highway
Department equipment. Both preventative and corrective maintenance tasks and adjustments
are a routine responsibility throughout the year.
● The Highway Crew Members will keep daily records of hours, locations of work, equipment and materials used, gas, diesel fuel and oil. This information will be entered daily on written
time sheets and/or computer time sheets and logs.
● Highway crew members need to have basic knowledge of computers and basic software and
programs. This includes but is not limited to: web browser, word processor (ex. Microsoft
Word), spreadsheets (ex. Microsoft Excel), email, printer/scanner.
● In addition to the above duties, Highway Crew Members are also responsible for routine
maintenance of town buildings, facilities and lands, including but not limited to: trash
collection, minor building repairs, mowing, tree trimming and/or removal, removal of snow
from roofs, walkways, sidewalks, etc., assistance to other Town employees and contractors
when appropriate, and other duties as assigned.

Reports To:

The Road Foreman / Assistant Road Foreman
Receives specific instructions from the Road Foreman (or Assistant Road Foreman), who is
responsible for carrying out established policies and procedures. The employee is responsible for
receiving these instructions, and accomplishing tasks assigned in a safe, timely, and cost-efficient

Skill requirements:

● Knowledge of and ability to operate the Town Highway equipment.
● Knowledge of the principles, practices, and techniques associated with the maintenance and
repair of gravel and surfaced highways.
● Skill in handling controls for starting, stopping, driving, and reversing the Town vehicles;
skill in judging overhead and side clearances, turning radii, braking distances, and backing
● Knowledge and application of the techniques and practices for safe heavy equipment
operation including: safe lifting heights, loading and load securing techniques, and dumping

● Knowledge and application of safety rules and regulations for the movement of heavy
equipment are of paramount importance to this position. Application of these rules are
required at all times, on the public ways, and also in remote situations.
● The initiative and mechanical ability to accomplish minor repairs, adjustments, and other
maintenance tasks on Town vehicles and equipment.
● This position requires skill in communication and interpersonal relations to: understand and
follow oral and written instructions, keep records, operate computers using applications such
as spreadsheets, word processing and email, and cooperate effectively with fellow workers
and supervisors, other Town employees, government officials and outside contractors.
Exemplary conduct when interfacing with the general public is an absolute necessity in this
● The normal physical requirements including the ability and dexterity to reach, bend, turn,
move hands, move arms, move feet, and move legs to operate the hand and foot controls of
standard and maintenance vehicles are required. Normal, or correctable to normal, vision and
hearing is required for the safe operation of equipment. The strength and endurance to
repeatedly lift heavy objects, pull and tug objects, dig, chop and use other hand tools, and
perform other strenuous activities is required. The strength and endurance to perform
effectively over long hours and in adverse weather conditions is required.


● High School Diploma, GED, or similar equivalent education required.
Conditions of Employment:
The following are the special conditions of employment for the Highway Crew Member:
● The position is for regular, full-time employment. By virtue of its nature, the position is
considered always on call. The position may require working hours long beyond what is
considered an average work day/ week especially during adverse weather conditions, as
necessary to keep the Town highways serviceable.

● Secondary employment must not compromise the availability to perform the
characteristic Duties & Responsibilities of the job or prevent an employee from being
on-call for work duties.
● Days off must be scheduled and approved by the Road Foreman so as to not interfere with
the Duties & Responsibilities of the job.
● Applicants must be 18 years of age.
● Successfully passing a pre-employment drug testing is required before a job offer is made;
random drug screening is conducted throughout the year.
● Verification of a minimum of three (3) years of employment history is required before a job
offer is made.
● A successful motor vehicle records check for all 50 states is required prior to a job offer
being made.
● Maintaining a current and valid Vermont Commercial Drivers License (CDL) is required.
● Satisfactory completion of a three-month probationary period is a condition of permanent
employment. The probation period may be extended to a total of six (6) months at the
discretion of the Road Foreman.
● The Highway Crew Member is subject to the Town of Guilford Personnel Policies (as last
revised February 2017) and as may be revised from time to time in the future.
● The Highway Crew Member must be able to perform the essential functions of the job
with or without reasonable accommodations.


This position description includes three levels of experience and responsibility. Except as
modified below, all requirements of the above description apply to all levels of assignment.

Level 1: Level 1 is the entry level to this position. The physical ability requirements apply. The
incumbent may, however, not have all the experience or knowledge in highway maintenance or
heavy equipment operation required. The incumbent must have the ability and interest to learn
through classroom and/or on-the-job experience to acquire the knowledge of techniques and
practice required. At this level the incumbent is more dependent upon supervision and assistance
from others in the accomplishment of the assignments. The incumbent will be asked to perform
computer-related tasks.

Level 2: Level 2 includes all of the skills and responsibilities of Level 1, and additionally the
employee is fully knowledgeable of the techniques and practices of heavy equipment use,
operation and maintenance. The incumbent is also knowledgeable in road construction,
maintenance and repair techniques. The employee is capable of operating all Town vehicles and
equipment. The employee can receive general instruction from the Road Foreman and, with a
minimum of supervision, independently determine the requirements and accomplish the task.
Upon occasion, in the absence of and/or at the request of the Road Foreman or Assistant Road
Foreman, the Level 2 employee may supervise fellow workers or others engaged in road
maintenance and construction work. A Level 2 worker may also be asked to perform additional
computer-related tasks.

Level 3: Assistant Road Foreman: This position requires all the skills and responsibilities of
Level 2 as well as assisting the Road Foreman in a variety of administrative activities. These
include but are not limited to: supervising fellow workers or others engaged in road maintenance
and construction work; helping in the preparation of the annual report to the Selectboard
assessing the condition of Town Highways; assisting in preparation of plans for road care for
the upcoming year(s); acting as the safety agent for the Town Highway Crew Members by
collecting, reviewing, filing and posting safety-related materials; providing information on new
safety procedures to others on the Highway Crew Members; tracking and reporting road project
costs including Highway Crew Members’ Hours, Equipment Hours and all outside expenses
(such as contractors, materials or equipment rental); assisting the Road Foreman in preparation
of the annual Town Highway Budget; performing computer data entry and reporting; instructing
others in basic equipment operation; and acting on behalf of the Road Foreman as required.


There will be a three-month probationary period which will commence the first day on the job and end three months from this date; there will be an evaluation at the end of this period. A Highway Crew Member’s performance will be evaluated at least annually from their date of hire by the Road Foreman. Performance in accordance with the Town of Guilford’s Personnel Policy and Procedures is required and along with this Job Description will be the standard against which performance will be evaluated.


Based on education, experience, and as determined by the Guilford Selectboard.